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Konstantinos Angelou



1990-1995 | Bachelor’s degree, Faculty of Physical Education (Athens, Greece).

1997-2001 | Bachelor’s degree, Athens School of Fine Arts (Athens, Greece) - specialization in painting - graduation with honors from the studio of Chronis Botsoglou | Awarded honorary scholarship by I.K.Y. (State Scholarships Foundation) as outstanding graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Athens

2001 - 2002 | Master’s degree, Athens School of Fine Arts (Athens, Greece) - focus on painting


Personal Exhibitions

2003 | “Musical”, Artooth (artist’s studio), Kallithea, Athens 2004 | “Cosmos” series (Cosmos 1 & 2) and installation “Walls - Periscopes”, Artooth (artist’s studio), Kallithea, Athens - “Optical Music”, permanent digital art installation selected after public open call, Kato Patisia - Athens metro station.

2005 | “Platonics”, exhibition-installation, Artooth (artist’s studio), Kallithea - Athens “Sense Universe”, exhibition-installation, Artooth (artist’s studio), Kallithea, Athens

2009 | “Alarm from the Media”, interactive public installation, Central Town Square, Thebes

2010 | “Crisis”, sculpture installation, Studio of Visual Arts Creation (artist’s studio), Thebes

2012 | “Annihilating the Symbols of Power”, participatory public art event, Central Town Square, Thebes

2014 | “TRAP, series of madness of the 21th century”, Cultural organization “Allotropy”, Antikira, Boeotia

2015 | “Sphinx”, ephemeral sculpture installation in the public space, Thebes.

2016 | “Pharmacon”, large-scale installation, Studio of Visual Arts Creation (artist’s studio), Thebes.

2018 | “Oedipus, Lost Messages”, social sculpture installation performed collaboratively (Sphinx group), 7 historical places in Thebes (Fountain Square of Oedipus, Agios Georgios Square, Dirkis Fountain, Kastellia - Mycenaean Royal Tombs, Hill Park of Ismene Apollo, Archaeological Museum of Thebes, Courtyard of the Studies Evangelist Luke)


Main Group Exhibitions

2000 | “Art project”, permanent group exhibition, Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport

2006 | “Greek Contemporary Art”, organizer and participant, with the collaboration of the Greek Mediterranean Cooperation Foundation and the Independent Artist Network, Damascus and Alep (Syria) | “The opening of “Independent Artist Network”, Mabrida Studios, Athens - “Bella Arte”, Greek contemporary art, Lamia | “Exhibition in the 13th Biennale of poetry”, Alexandria (Italy) - “Arie del tempo”, Biennale of poetry, Genova (Italy) | “Open City”, Municipality of Sepolia, Athens

2007 | “The International Arts Festival, Athens”, CA4S, Technopolis, Athens

2009 | “Gardling Sky”, co-curation with P. Kasda and participant artist, international art action, Crete 2010 | Exhibition series of the art network “PAI„ at Alexandroupolis (Ethnological Museum of Thrace), Samothrace, Thebes, Patmos, Athens (Technopolis)

2011 | “Crisis”, sculptural installation, art exhibition organized by the Church of Greece, Cultural Senter of Schimatari

2014 | “International Flag Art” (IFA), World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, organized by MEADOWS (Mediterranean Endeavors Advancing Development Of Widespread Sustainability) and OFAA (Olympic Fine Arts Association), Unesco, Beirut office.

2017 | “Events Horizon at his home”, Kerameikos, Athens | “Our cottage in Utopia”, Events Horizon, Municipality of Patras

2018 | “Aspects of Independent Artistic Creation in Greece today”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens - “City on the move”, Events Horizon and Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Amaliada. - “The boats we were hurting”, Events Horizon, first opening at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, following a two-year tour around Greece (Gythio Hydra - historical archive, War Museum - Nafplio, Environmental Awareness Park Antonis Tritsis, Municipality of Paleo Faliro, Cultural Center Floisvos, Volos, and more) - “Oedipus, Lost Messages”, social sculpture installation with the “Sphinx” team, Biennale of Western Balkans, Ioannina (Greece) - “The book”, Events Horizon, on tour in Greece: Book Gallery, Epigraphic Museum, Athens (Greece)

2019 | “Events Horizon”, «Platforms Project», Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece).

2021 | “Sphinx 2021, Social Sculpture Biennale - Antigone, Limits and Borders”, Thebes. | “The Big Book – Modern Culture and the Tradition of Written Text”, Sphinx 2021 Biennale, Archaeological Museum of Thebes. | “Bairakia” (“Revolutionary flags”), with “Events Horizon”, «Platforms Project», Group Installation, Athens School of Fine Arts, (Greece) – also Rethymno, Krete.


Projects & Distinctions

2000 | Artwork selected for permanent display at the Athens International Airport

2002 | Honorary scholarship from the I.K.Y. for top graduate at the Athens School of Fine

2004 | “Optical Music”, digital art installation winning contest for the Athens metro station, Kato Patisia  | “Cosmic-Olympics”, first place honorable mention for a digital art installation with fiber optics for the Olympic Stadium Athens metro station

2006 -7 | Founded the “Independent Artist Network” and the non-profit organization “Artooth”

2007 | “Miorita, Melusina and the Sphinx”, digital art project selected among 70 European projects for European Capitals of Culture Sibiu and Luxemburg. The proposal consisted of a telecommunication digital installation that interconnected the two European with Greece.

2009 | Conference for the year of astronomy, co-organizer, Cultural center of the Municipality of Athens (Greece)

2010 | Founded in Thebes the cultural group “The Alarm Clock” | Coordinator, Artistic Director and participant artist in art network "PAI", Alexandroupolis , Samothraki , Thebes , Patmos , Athens cultural events in all cities.

2013 | “What is Anthropos”, organizer, large-scale holistic work presented as a two-month international artistic intervention in the real psycho-social “fabric” of the ancient city of Thebes (Greece). The project was proposed in the international competition of UNESCO. (

2015 | First “Sphinx Festival”, founder and curator, ambitious artistic project established in a new town, lying on the tracks of one of the most ancient cities of Europe, Thebes. The first Sphinx festival was realized with the collaboration of Athens School of Fine Arts and the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education

2018 | “Aspects of Independent Artistic Creation in Greece Today” conference, member of the curatorial committee, Events Horizon, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens. | Second “Sphinx festival” (biennale) - organizer and curator of the First International Festival of Social Sculpture in Greece, focused on the theme of Oedipus

2021 | Curator and organizer of the “Sphinx 2021 Biennale”. The theme: “Antigone - Limits and Borders”


Professional Experience

1997-2000 | Associate Professor of Physical Education in Secondary Education.

2002-2005 | New Product Design Executive for the «Promotion of Hellenic Culture Agency. Responsible for production planning and quality control of ancient copies (sculptures, ceramics, paintings, metal objects) and the design of museum stores.

2007-2022 | Art Teacher in Secondary Education in Public Schools.

2014, 2018| Head of the painting workshop in women's prison, Eleonas, Thebes.

2004-2022 | Gave seminars and taught art in private and public organizations.  

2005-2022 | Wrote articles, organized and participated in philosophical lectures.

2005-2022 | Curator and founder of the above-mentioned artistic projects (.i.e. Independent Artists Network, Artooth, Alarm, Sphinx Biennale, Sphinx Art Team), and curator for individual, personal and   independent group art proposals




2005 | "Independent Artists Network", at, 2005.

2006 | "The Manifesto of New Greek Art", at, 2006. | "The Pathogenesis of Greek Reality and Culture", at, 2006 | "Sponsors and Sponsorships", Art Act, Athens

2007 | "Innovation & Revolutionary", at, 2007.

2017 | "The identity of utopia", Catalog on the subject: "Our cottage in Utopia", Athens, 2017.

2018 | “The Asthetic and Political Dimension of Social Sculpture as an Ecology of Denial. A Comparison with Beuys’ Positions. - Towards A 21st Century Artistic Manifesto” Trans. Aglaia Pantelaki, Editorial Text. Biennale Catalog "Sphinx 2018 – the Hidden Thebes Festival", 2018. | "The conditions of independence - art and society" in "Proceedings of the Symposium - Aspects of Independent Artistic Creation in Greece Today", Proceedings of the symposium at EMST, Greek Ministry of Culture, National Museum of Modern Art, Athens, 2018.

2021 | "Ontological Foundations of Violence", "Intelectum", Thessaloniki, 2021

2022 | "The Rebellion of Poetry and Antigone - An Unconventional Interpretation", Trans. Katerina Anastasopoulou, Editorial Text. Biennale catalog “Sphinx 2021 – Social Sculpture Biennale – Antigone, Limits and Borders”, 2022.



2005 | Lecture entitled: "Art and Society". Public Lecture. Thebes Cultural Center - City hall, Thebes.

2007 | Lecture entitled: "Independent Artist Network", Art Act, Athens. | Lecture Title: "Innovation and Revolutionary in Contemporary Art", Art-Act, Athens | Lecture Title: "Sponsors and Sponsorships", Art-Act, Athens.2012 | “Art and Everyday Life”. Three public Lectures in Thebes.

2014 | "Art and Mental Health: The Contribution of Art to Human Self-fulfilment". Conference on: "Education - Art and mental health". Directorate of Secondary Education of Boeotia, Chamber of Boeotia. | “Miorita, Melusina and Sphinx”, Workshop of Arts and Visual Creation, Thebes.

2014-2020 | Series of 20 annual lectures analyzing a variety of philosophical areas such as semiotics, language, existentialism, psychology and psychoanalysis, sociology, critical theory, and epistemology interconnected with a holistic identification through dimensions that open up the work of philosophers and intellectuals of the 20th and 21st centuries such as Derrida, Adorno, Lacan, Foucault, Castoriadis, Deleuze and Guattari, Agamben and others. Workshop of Arts and Visual Creation, Thebes.

2016 | Lecture entitled “Farmakon”, Workshop of Arts and Visual Creation, Thebes.

2018 | Lecture entitled “The conditions of independence - art and society” at the symposium “Aspects of Independent Artistic Creation in Greece Today”, EMST, Greek Ministry of Culture, National Museum of Modern Art, Athens, 2018.

2021 | “Antigone as an Example of Social Sculpture”, Social Sculpture International Symposium in Sphinx Biennale entitled: “Antigone, Limits and Borders”, Thebes. | Lecture entitled: “Social Sculpture – an experiment” – Athens School of Fine Arts, Studio 11. | “8 Theoretical-philosophical analyzes for the modern world and art”, Series of public lectures. [Titles: "The collapse of the world and the meteoric chasm of things", "The word as debt and the foundation of the world", "The sacred and the profane", "The (historical) deviations of logos and the loss of meaning", “Substance and violence. The hard parameters of systems of knowledge ", "Inconsistent science", "Realities and authorities. The production of anti-meaning", "The schism in the subject and the drama of the absurd", "The power of extreme emotions and the meanings of the body", "The exorcism of the body, the degeneration and the indeterminacy of the sexual".], “Art Events”, Chalkida.



2015 | “Konstantinos Angelou: “Trap” - by Art Historian Marai Georgousi - "Collections" Magazine, 2015.

2019 | “Konstantinos Angelou” - Interview by Josh Ryder, curator and Melissa C. Hilborn, curator – Peripheral Arteries Magazine, Contemporary Art Review, Special Biennial Edition, 2019.

2021 | "Konstantinos Angelou: on social sculpture and other "demons" - Interview by Aglaia Pantelaki, Banal Magazine, July 2021.


Interviews on television and radio networks

Numerous interviews on state and private television and radio networks, such as on state television ERA 1 -2015, Sky -2015, ERA3 -2018, 2nd (National) program - 2007, 1st (National) program – 2018, TV STAR of Central Greece – 2021, etc.

Personal Informations


Birth: 24 January 1973

Residence: Thebes, Greece

Greek citιzen

Address- communication:

Osiou Klimentos 14,

32200, Thebes, Greece


tel. +30 697 64 27 129

- Greek
- English
Reading French

2010 - present

2010 - present

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