University Studies

- 1990-1995 Faculty of Physical Education

- 1997-2002 Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) specialized in painting ( graduated with honours under the supervision of Chronis Botsoglou). 

- 2002 Master's degree in painting.


Further Specializations

Sculpture - Digital art forms (digital installations with light).- He studies intensively philosophy for more than twentyfive years.


Artistic interests

He works with installations, combining digital and traditional art forms, using poor and raw materials.

Awards and Recognitions

- Art project selected for decorating Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport (2000).

- First place graduate scholarship from the School of Fine Arts (2002).

- Digital art installation entitled «Music» selected for the Athens metro station (2004).

- Received an award for the design of a digital art installation in Athens metro stations (2004).

- Digital art project "Miorita , Melusina and the Sphinx " was chosen among 70 other European projects. The proposal comprised of a telecommunication digital installation that connected the two European Capitals of Culture -Sibiu and Luxemburg- with Greece (2007).


Professional Experience

- 2002-2004. New Product Design Executive for the «Promotion of Hellenic Culture Agency. Responsible for production planning and quality control of ancient copies (sculptures, ceramics, paintings, metal objects) and the design of museum stores.

- 2004-2017. Give seminars and teach art in privet and public organizations.  He is also writing articles, organizing and participating in lectures on philosophy of art.

- 2006-7 Established the Independent Artist Network and the non-profit company Artooth.

- 2010 Founder of the cultural group called The Alarm Clock. -Coordinator, Artistic Director and participant artist in art network "PAI", Alexandroupolis , Samothraki , Thebes , Patmos , Athens cultural events in all cities.

- 2015 He founds and realizes for the first time the Sphinx 2015 festival (now biennale), an ambitious artistic project to found a new town on the tracks of one of the most ancient cities of Europe. He  curates and collaborates with the Athens School of Fine Art. http://www.sphinx-biennale.com/


Other Actions

Since 2006 Writing articles, organizing and participating in lectures on the relationship of artistic work with the social reality, the possibilities and conditions for the free artistic expression in modern times.

Other Main Art Actions


- Personal exhibition titled «Musical», Two exhibitions titled «World 1» and «World 2».

- Two installations entitled «Platonic» and «Walls – Periscopes».


- Installation entitled «Sense Universe».

- Group Exhibition in Damascus with the collaboration of Greek Mediterranean Cooperation Foundation and the Independent Artist Network. Opening by the President of Democracy.


- Many Public installations and art interactions in many towns in Greece and else were. (For example the public installation and interactive work called «Alarm from the Media» in Thebes, the sculpture called «crisis» in a contemporary art exhibition,  pictorial public interaction, participation with audience on «Unnailing the symbols of power», ect.)


- Organizer of a giant holistic work of art as a two-month international artistic intervention in the real psycho-social "fabric" of the ancient city of Thebes. 2014.

- He starts working the «TRAP, series of the 21th century»


- He realizes the first international festival of Sphinx in Thebes. He works in a six meters tall ephemeral sculpture of a Sphinx at the place, according to Greek mythology, where Oedipus washed his hands, after the murder of his father.


- He realizes the series of installation project, called “Farmakon” ( “Φάρμακον”).

- He works a series of  paintings and ceramics called "outopia"


- “Aspects of Independent Artistic Creation in Greece Today” conference, member of the curatorial committee, Events Horizon, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

-He realizes the second international festival of Sphinx in Thebes. This establishes the first international social sculpture festival. 

-He publishes texts and lectures at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens for the independent art and the basic principles of a social sculpture manifesto. 

-It carries out the transformed social installation entitled "Oedipus, Lost Messages", which takes place in important historical sites in Thebes and the Western Balkans Biennale, in the city of Ioannina, Greece. 

-"Primary senses" a series of individual works defining a new state of initiation into a "negative dialectic" that has not yet been exposed. 

- Second “Sphinx festival”(now biennale), organizer and curator of the First International Festival of Social Sculpture in Greece, focused on the theme of Oedipus


- Curator and organizer of the “Sphinx 2021 Biennale”. The theme “Antigone - limits and Borders”. https://www.sphinx-biennale.com/ 

Personal Informations


Birth: 24 January 1973

Residence: Thebes, Greece

Greek citιzen

Address- communication:

Osiou Klimentos 14,

32200, Thebes, Greece

E-mail: con.angelou@gmail.com

tel. +30 697 64 27 129

- Greek
- English
Reading French
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Konstantinos Angelou

2010 - present

2010 - present