the trap | serιes of the 21st sentury

Nowadays, the individuals built in a multitude of messages, images, signs and advertisements experience a deafening noise against which they “close their eyes and ears”. Our time doesn’t see but only looks for one more reason: it is emotionally asleep due to the substitutes of the emotions caused by the media, the multitude of stressful situations in everyday life, the speed of the rhythm through which people experience the world and the universe. The spectator is, therefore, both anesthetized and replete.

The trap I try to present is the feeling of the confinement and the absurd in a reality of the madness where everything is turned upside down, where communication with the inside and the outside is a lost, where humans run in terrifying speeds to fill themselves up but they remain empty, where they try to make something that will hopefully liberate them; however, what is finally made, has the look of a prison. It is all about absolute reification, that the machine and the cultural industry brings about, a world that produces ourselves as simply dehumanized parts.


In these  circumstances, the potential of producing a man-centered art in ourdays, is a heroic feat, a “gradus ad Parnassum”. Media game has totally beaten art. Art is no more than a useless, mental game, a game of denial and resignation from the humans because they haven’t kept their promises towards art. The dominant art today, a controlled image of the annihilated man, isn’t, according to what I said before, an imaginary use of the language about the real world but an excess of the world into the imagination,  that  is madness. However, today the individual needs more than anything else a political art, while simultaneously an art of the imagination, an art through which the imaginary will participate in the real world and the social space, an art that will take place in time and history, an art not a flee but a presence in the real creation of the world.

Konstantinos Angelou - Visual Artist - Art theorist. Founder of the Sphinx festival.

Osiou Klimentos 3, 32200 Thebes, Greece. tel +30 2262 100 150,,


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