"medicine" ("φάρμακον") - (installation)

Angelou's new work creates a critical fiction of the urban wildness that questions the narrative experience of the postmetropolis, a transgressive nightscape of cityness unfolding in the form of an escapist arcade.

'ΦΑΡΜΑΚΟΝ' forms a scenic art environment that reflects on Paul Furley's concept of the edgelands and Edward Soja's term of exopolis. Angelou creates an aesthetics of the industrial infrastructure combined with the unsettled notion of otherness, of code and its troubled decoding processes and of the deterritorialization of material and memory.


The installation marks the new flagship exhibition and publication project of Sphinx 'Open flash-fiction narratives in art environments' that will be presented in the Sphinx Festival 2017.

Marianna Ziku (Art historian)

Konstantinos Angelou - Visual Artist - Art theorist. Founder of the Sphinx festival.

Osiou Klimentos 3, 32200 Thebes, Greece. tel +30 2262 100 150, con.angelou@gmail.com, thebes.sphinx@gmail.com

About THE SPHINX FESTIVAL: https://www.sphinx2015gr.com/

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