"lost messages" ("Oedipus")

transforming social sculpture installation

"Oedipus - Lost Messages" is a collaborative work of sculpture installations and new outdoor media that engages the local community in a live workshop (community art - living labs).

The project proposes a new kind of participatory, social sculpture in a public space that links the ancient cultural heritage with modern art that transforms the public space by opening islands of artistic and philosophical expression. The figures «discuss» amongst each other while the crowd of viewers - passers-by silently listen to their words.

The work was presented this year for the first time in 7 different venues with different formats and texts at the Sphinx International Sculpture Festival, 2018, in Thebes.  At the BOWB the following texts are heard:

-Blind is the knowledge that led them to brilliant achievements and even more brilliant dead ends. 

Free I see my lack of freedom. What kind of "power" is this? What kind of violence?

- Heavy that is our body people.

But heavier is our knowledge we carry, the one we have for centuries now ... and "must" bring it to an empty end?

Konstantinos Angelou - Visual Artist - Art theorist. Founder of the Sphinx festival.

Osiou Klimentos 3, 32200 Thebes, Greece. tel +30 2262 100 150, con.angelou@gmail.com, thebes.sphinx@gmail.com

About THE SPHINX FESTIVAL: https://www.sphinx2015gr.com/

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